Laressa Shenfield Profile Statement

My personal values drive my conduct and credibility as your council representative. I am trustworthy; I have demonstrated fairness, honesty and integrity over the last 3 years on council. Demanding open and transparent council process is paramount to building community confidence and key to the reputation of council.

I have the passion, energy, experience and leadership skills to move the region forward in a positive way.

I advocate for:

  • Sensible and accountable use of ratepayer funds and cash reserves with a focus on core council activities as priorities
  • A ‘can do’ culture that enables business investment and innovation
  • Opportunities and facilities for our young people to get the support they need to succeed

I currently sit on:

  • Community & Finance Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Hearings Committee
  • Youth Council
  • Accredited Resource Management Commissioner

I am an active volunteer with a genuine heart for others and our community. I Chair the Dillons Point Playgroup, am a member of MVIP Positive Ageing and Youth Workers Collective. Prior to being on council I worked and travelled abroad and have a diverse management background holding various senior roles. I am also a working parent raising children 4 & 6 with my husband Rich.

It is impossible to achieve anything in council on your own; you are 1 vote in 14 around the table. I know from experience how important it is to stay firmly connected to the community, have a clear vision, build relationships, and work collaboratively with others to get things done.

I ask for your continued support, Vote Back Laressa Shenfield.

Please contact me direct if you have any questions